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24 Luglio 2014

Yesterday Tutti per uno – A Hard Day’s Night based on Beatles’ success



Marzamemi, Pachino, 24th July 2014 – There was a big event at Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera (International Festival of Border Cinema). After the movie, Un insolito naufrago (an Unusual Castaway) by Sylvain Estibal in Regina Margherita square, Tutti per uno – A Hard Day’s Night (1964), directed by Richard Lester, was played. It deals with Beatles’ adventures and their great success. The “Invisible” movie was showed in its original language, English, subbed in Italian; it was introduced by Guido Giazzi, director of music review Buscadero, he underlined the importance of free aspects of the movie: music, movie-making, marketing.

The Turkish actress, Elit Iscan, was rewarded by the Italian Association of Educators for her performance in the movie My only sunshine by Reha Erdem.

In Regina Margherita square, there will be a lot of events. After Gabrielle by Louise Achambault (Canada, 2013, 104’), a part of the movie Più buio di mezzanotte (Darker than Midnight) will be played. Besides, a delegation of American and Canadian movie-makers (Karen Wookey and Martin Katz) will be on stage. They are interested in Sicily as a set for their productions and tomorrow they will take part in the meeting “La Sicilia come Set (Sicily as a movie set)” with foreign press journalists, Italian authors, movie-makers and local authorities.

Tonight, the movie La prima neve (The first snow, Italia) will be played, with the participation of the director Andrea Segre.

For the Con-Corto section, will be played: L’Uomo del Fiume (The man of the river) by Barbara Maffeo (Italia, 2014, colore, HD, 14’), which deals with a 78 cm sea bass, Naomi Campbell and a broken padlock. In a man’s life, the different ways of redemption can take quite unique aspects. This is the story of Sandro, and his squatter. Cargo by Carlo Sironi (Italy, 2013), is moved in Rome’s suburban. Alina, 25 years old, ucranian, is forced into prostitution. Jani, the guy who brings her on the street, shows her, quite brutally, his love for her. A beloved funeral by Luca Murri (Italy, 2014), is a “on the road” story. A young rapper and his nanny go through Italy on a Vespa (an Italian small motorbike, translator’s note) to assist to a funeral. Lost in the Easter celebration of a Sicilian small town they find again the love for life. The evening will end with Focus – Iran realised and presented by the actor and movie maker Babak Karimi, and the concert by Julare Band.

In the Banco del credito cooperativo di Pachino hall, will be showed: Gelosia (Jealousy) by Pietro Germi (Italy, 1953) and L’arte di arrangiarsi (The art of sorting out, Italy, 1954).

For the Tonnara section Lampi sul Meditarraneo (Lightening on the Mediterranean Sea) will be showed EU013. L’ultima frontiera (EU013. The Last Border, Italy, 2013) and My only Sunshine by Reha Erdem (Turkey\Greece\Blgary, 2008).

For A Chat under the fig tree section will be presented, starting at 18,30: Terra (Earth) introduced by Antonella Rizza, by Egle Doria and Emanuela Puglia; Dallo schermo alla vita (From Screen to Life) a meeting with Sebastiano Riso; and a meeting with the actress Tea Falco and the director Monica Stambrini.

Traduzione a cura di Matteo Giurdanella, Ivana Vernuccio, Floriana Turlà e Nicoletta Vindigni.