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23 Luglio 2014
Yesterday afternoon meeting with Franco Battiato - Report 23/07/2014


Yesterday afternoon meeting with Franco Battiato

Tonight Un insolito naufrago by Sylvain Estibal.


Marzamemi, Pachino, 23rd July 2014 – “The Bardo is like a Purgatory, it is a difficult idea to explain and few people can understand. We are talking about experiences, which concern very high levels. Of course,  we are not talking about  politics, especially contemporary politics” - Franco Battiato.

Franco Battiato participated in the second day of the Festival Internazionale del Cinema di frontiera. The musician presented his new documentary Attraversando il bardo, within the section Chiacchiere sotto il fico. The meeting took place in the Tonnara. The cinephile audience rushed the Tonnara.

Ornella Sgroi, journalist and anchor-woman of the Festival, was the moderator of the meeting with Franco Battiato.  Nello Correale, creator and artistic director, and Sebastiano Gesù, assistant director.

“It is a complex film – the film director said – which shows some linguistic asperities. It deals with the comparison between the Eastern and the Western spiritual traditions. A reflection upon the meaning of existence and death. The aim of this documentary is the description of a purification, a catharsis”.

The protagonists of the second meeting of the section Chiacchiere sotto il fico were three Sicilian writers: Massimo Maugeri, Stefano Amato and Davide Carmelo Maria Ortisi. Massimo Maugeri is the author of Trinacria Park published in the collection SabotAge. The main themes are all kinds of lies, the strong Sicilian identity and the presence of different types of crime related to unsuspected environments such as political institutions, high finance and media.

Sicily is also the background of the 49esimo Stato written by Stefano Amato and published by Feltrinelli/Transeuropa. The author starts from a historical question: “Which would have been the consequences of a possible annexation of Sicily to USA?”. The story, which takes place in 1978, talks about it.

Filosofia in pillole  is written by Davide Carmelo Maria Ortisi and published by Armando Editore. It is a collection of aphorisms, which are the result of an observation on reality. Such aphorisms are divided into ten  chapters, which correspond to ten themes.

Tonight, in Piazza Regina Margherita, Un insolito naufrago (France-Belgium-Germany 2013, colour, 35 mm 98’) by Sylvain Estibal. Such full length film describes Jafaar’s life. He is a Palestinian fisherman, who lives with his wife under the wall of the Gaza strip. Jafaar threw his net and fished a big Vietnamese pig.

Tonight, Cortile di Villadorata, the second part of the Con-Corto.

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