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28 Luglio 2014
Americans choose Sicily as set

14th edition of The Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera

Americans choose Sicily as set

Tonight Donatella Finocchiaro on stage. The price "Donna di
Frontiera" to Nawal Soufi

Marzamemi, Pachino, 26th of July 2014- The fishing village and its
international event have enchanted the American and Canadian filmmakers.
Yesterday, during the meeting "Sicily as set", they announced
that they will choose this part of Sicily as location of their movies.

The Canadian producers, Karen Wookey and Martin Katz, and the American
ones, Kurt Mc Carley and Vito Bruno, took part in the meeting.
The correspondent of The Hollywood Reporter, Etan Vlessing, and the
journalist Berndt Jetschin of the German review Filmecho, participated too.

The meeting started with the participation of Roberto Bruno, mayor of  Pachino, and Mariarita Sgarlata, local councillor.

There were also Fabio Corsi, from ICE (Istituto per il Commercio Estero), which is an institute that promotes Italian movies abroad, and Pietro Di Miceli, manager of Sicilia Film Commission.

Foreign filmmakers are enthusiastic about the beauty of Sicily. Vito Bruno would like to film here “Mary Mother of Christ”, the sequel of “The Passion”, by Mel Gibson.

“Shooting will start on February or March 2015, – he announced – Ben Kingsley and Julia Ormond are part of the film cast. We have already visited the mount Etna and we are going to stay in Sicily a little more to find other suitable locations”.

Kurt Mc Carley presented his film project “The Taylor”, yesterday. “It is about almost two films that we will shoot for four weeks in Los Angeles and four weeks in Sicily”. The main character is Lana Young.

Among Canadian guests there was also Karen Wookey. She is enthusiastic about his stay in Marzamemi, “This land is a magical place”, she said, and Martin Katz – producer of “Hotel Rwanda” and of some of David Cronenberg's best-known movies. “Sun and sea make Sicily a promising land” he stated.

Finally, the intervention of the correspondent of The Hollywood Reporter, Etan Vlessing. He defined Sicily and, particularly Marzamemi, as “very special places”.

Translation: Nicoletta Vindigni and Valentina Angilello